Visibility And Transparency. 

Dashcam Management

FleetMovil management system provides full support for dashcam capabilities. You can integrate the cameras you already own or choose the optional ones included in our package. 

FM-Streamax AD-Plus-Camera-003

Live Footage, Telematics, and A.I. Combined To Ensure Your Team’s Safety

Decide if you want to capture footage of a vehicle’s cabin, external environment, or both. Employ several cameras to get 360-degree coverage so that the situation is perfectly plain whenever it’s needed. FleetMovil’s software automatically organizes footage from different cameras, so you get one video with different angles alongside for a handy assessment of each case.

FleetMovil stores your footage at a dedicated cloud service, so any single moment of your vehicles’ activities is accessible at all times. Connect and check what’s happening in live mode or backtrack a truck’s history for a better understanding of ambiguous cases.

Dashcam footage helps to exonerate your drivers in case of accidents and positively affects their behavior. FleetMovil’s AI system detects careless driving and alerts drivers to help them focus. You can also access reports on each employee and decide on the necessity of additional training. 

FleetMovil’s Dashcam Features

Many experienced drivers prefer a monitored working environment because footage creates room for improvement, and such systems alert them in case of danger.

You can access all footage within FleetMovil’s management system, where every vehicle is visible on the map with numerous readings, reports, and alerting capabilities. Having all the data in one place creates contextual insights and ensures the right track for your business. 

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