Live Footage, Telematics, and AI Combined

Unlock the potential of your fleet. We simplify operations by tailoring our solution to your unique company needs. Streamline your business and fleet performance by employing FleetMovil’s monitoring and analytical capabilities. 

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CFD (Connected Fleet Device)

Keep an eye on your valuable assets, such as construction machinery, trailers, or any equipment of your choice.

Rig your assets by installing our straightforward software to your computer, tablet, or phone, and you will never lose control again. Additional readings, such as hours of work, temperature readings, power take-offs, and others. Set up geofences to get alerts if equipment leaves restricted areas, pull reports to check usage history, and help the police retrieve your assets if stolen. 


Robust Asset Management And Tracking

Full Fleet Telematics


Dashcams Providing Visibility And Accountability

Take your business to the next level with FleetMovil. FleetMovil is a modern telematics solution that helps companies of any size scale and protect their assets, reduce expenses, and deliver better client experience. Our software simplifies operations by tailoring our solution to your unique company needs. 

Hardware you can depend on. No matter the asset, no matter the complexity we have the right hardware to build you an optimized solution. We wide range of telematics hardware to find your unique business needs.  

Modern fleet operation is fast-paced and requires attention 24/7/365. With FleetMovil you can count on a dedicated support team and account management team to take your business to the next level.

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“I was impressed with the data options available with Guidepoint and their monthly charge was much lower than other providers, so it made great business sense for us.” 

Matthew Myers

owner of MK Towing Services

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Sarah Robinson

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Liam Clark

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Simon Hewitt

“This GPS device has excellent network capabilities. When a concern arises, their customer service department has various answers and solutions to assist you in resolving your question, and it is often their joy to assist you in reconnecting” 

Aubrey Delorme