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Fleet Management

The traditional way of managing a fleet business often involves overcomplicated and time-consuming processes. Data retrieval and entry throughout various systems, inefficient usage of vehicles, communication discrepancies may cause considerable strain amongst your team.
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A Trusted Partner in Fleet Management

Accumulated errors and slips create revenue loss in forms of unsatisfied clients, vehicle breakdowns, fuel overconsumption, or other less detectable ways.

One approach to keep volatile business variables in check is to implement an advanced fleet management system, based on GPS and telematics.

FleetMovil is one of such systems. It is simple to set up and incorporate as a part of your business environment. After connecting our tracking devices to your vehicles’ OBD-II ports, each of them becomes visible on a live map with a variety of readings. Stay informed by monitoring 300+ adjustable parameters, including mileage, fuel levels, temperature readings, power take-offs, idlings, speedings, and many others. Get notified if something needs attention: accidents, vehicles leaving designated areas, diagnostic trouble codes, upcoming maintenance, etc. Pull finely tuned reports to analyse vehicles’ performance, drivers’ behavior, and overall efficiency of operation. 

Why FleetMovil For Your Fleet Management?

With all the needed information gathered in one management system, you will be able to take proactive action and distinctively elevate your fleet’s performance. 

“I was impressed with the data options available with Guidepoint and their monthly charge was much lower than other providers, so it made great business sense for us.” 

Matthew Myers

owner of MK Towing Services

“First and foremost the customer service is second to none. The Guidepoint GPS locations are extremely reliable when it comes to location, and they also have specific features that set them apart from other brands we’ve tested.” 

Sarah Robinson

“I’m very happy with the price and efficiency of the GPS system, and I’d like to thank Guidepoint personally.”

Liam Clark

“Unfailingly courteous even when dealing with a difficult person or situation. Guidepoint considered problems as a challenge and enjoys finding creative yet appropriate solutions.” 

Simon Hewitt

“This GPS device has excellent network capabilities. When a concern arises, their customer service department has various answers and solutions to assist you in resolving your question, and it is often their joy to assist you in reconnecting” 

Aubrey Delorme